Luxurious Spa Massage

Bask in the tropical heat of hot Aloe Vera.

Sigh, as your life stress falls away under Leila's warm soothing hands.

Relax and receive a divine healing experience.

Your intuitive body therapy session will be unique to you. When I am working with you, I gently connect with all your subtle bodies, listening and responding to your heart and soul's guidance for your highest good and deepest healing. Integration of your body, mind, and soul naturally occurs in this field of conscious love.

Awaken from your session with an ignited inspiration for your life.

Find yourself grounded in a renewed ability to enjoy each day, responding rather than reacting.

Leila Davis, Hot Aloe Vera Massage Card

Hot Aloe Vera Massage:
The use of aloe vera rather than oil is very effective in the release of emotions which have been held in and stimulates cleansing and regeneration of your body.
During your aloe vera massage, aloe vera is absorbed through and hydrates and nourishes your skin.
Because your skin is your largest organ, massaging with aloe vera tends to draw out impurities from all layers of your skin as well as from your lymphatic system and other organs.
The cleansing and hydration that your skin receives from your aloe vera massage results in your being comfortable in any climate, winter or summer, with your skin feeling more supple and alive to the subtle textures of the air.
Focused work on the head, ears, hands and feet opens your body and increases receptivity to energy clearing and balancing.
Crystal Layout:
Your full body massage session will be done over a magnificent head to toe crystal layout designed to facilitate the release of energy patterns which no longer serve you.
Integrative Energy Balancing:
Energy balancing and integrating your subtle bodies releases old patterns to allow more joy.
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